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Ultimate Christmas plan

Ultimate Christmas plan

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed at Christmas so we’re here with a fool proof plan to get you through the festive season. It’s also so important to remember, Christmas isn’t about money. Never leave yourself out of pocket because you feel like you have to 1 up your sisters Christmas presents, your friends and family are just happy to see you around at Christmas and I’m sure they would be just as thankful for a bar of chocolate on the big day as a Apple Watch. The most important thing is you’re around people you love and you’re doing things you enjoy.


Phase 1

Make a list of your favourite Christmas movies. These are going to get you through the Christmas period. Wether you watch one a week one a day or you've watched the grinch 17 times before December 3rd theres no better way to get into the Christmas spirit.

Phase 2

Stock up on your Christmas essentials, I'm talking heading to B&M grabbing your favourite hot chocolate, marshmallows some mince pies or whatever Christmas comforts you love. Another vital Ingredient for your Christmas spirit.

Phase 3

Set a budget. work out how much you actually have to spend on Christmas. Again it's so important not to over spend so if you only have a little bit of money to spend don't feel like you have to go short in January because of all your Christmas spending. It's not what Christmas is about. 

Phase 4

Write a list of who you need/ want to buy presents for. Work out from your budget how much money is set aside for present buying and split that between your list of people. Keep the list in your phone then every time you think of a great gift to buy that person write it down so you don't forget. Last minute panic buying is the worst and always leads too overspending. This way you can also keep an eye on any offers that may come up on your gifts. Another way to keep costs down can be to suggests secret Santas! They're great for friends AND family and it means you all only have to buy 1 present for whoever you pull out of the hat and it still means you all get a present! it also makes it all a bit more exciting as you have no idea who's getting you a present!

Phase 5

Wrapping paper! This year so many shops are offering free wrapping paper with their bags! You simply cut the bottom and top off and you're left with recycled wrapping paper! This is a great money saver and great for the environment! Wrapping paper only get's thrown away after it's used so it's such a great idea! One of the stores offering the reusable wrapping paper is Primark, they have added some red stripes onto their bags which looks fabulous! Get creative too! juts because something isn't designed to be wrapping paper doesn't mean it cant be used as it. Make it extra fancy by adding some dried flowers or holly from the garden 

Phase 6


Food! If you're lucky you may have someone else cooking your turkey this year, but if not the big Christmas shop is the best of the year. Make sure to get all the trimmings stuffing, pigs in blankets, all your fave veg! You can't go wrong with a Christmas dinner! Well as long as you remember to put the turkey in on time.

Phase 7

Christmas markets! It's almost the law now to make sure you attend at least 1 Christmas market around Christmas time. Theres nothing better than grabbing a warm hot chocolate in the middle of a freezing cold square and browsing the wooden ornaments every Christmas market stall seems to sell. (Has anyone actually bought one of those before?) wrap up warm and get loads of pics as they're one of the most instagramable places! 

Phase 8

The tree, okay this should probably be phase 3 but we may have somehow totally forgot to add it in till now... oops. Work out what the theme for your tree is going to be, minimalistic white, bright neon colours to brighten up your day or traditional red and gold. Make sure you watch your fave Christmas movie while arguing with your family which angel is going on the top this year. It's also great fun making some decorations. Cut paper shopping bags into strips and loop them around each other to make a paper chain around your room! get creative.

Phase 9

Games! Decide on which games everyones going to bring on the big day, are you going a bit risky and playing cards against humanity with your grandma (let's hope not.) Or playing good old fashioned monopoly with your cousins. Make sure you bring a full array to play on the day!

Phase 10

Most importantly have fun! eat your body weight in food and don't take anything too seriously. Spend time with the people you love and have the most amazing day!


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