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Tips to get organised

Need to get organised?

There’s nothing worse than feeling as if you have nothing organised, Life starts to get on top of you and everything builds up and it seems far too overwhelming to fix.

We get it, we’ve been there and we’ve come up with some hacks to stop that big mountain growing.


Notes in your phone

This is such a great way to get organised. There's rarely a time nowadays that we don't have our phones in our hand. This is why notes is such a great feature to use. Whenever you think of something that needs doing write it straight into your notes so you don't forget. Make sure you pin the note too son it's always at the top. 

Eat the frog

Eat the frog what the hell is that?! don't worry we're not actually eating frogs here, Eat the frog is a term where you look at your list of tasks, which one are you waiting to do least, it may be the least enjoyable, most time consuming or require the most effort. Whatever it is, that is your frog. The idea is to eat the frog first, get that job out of the way so you don't have to worry about it again. I promise it will make your jobs go much faster. 

Get a good planner

A good planner is. key to an organised life. You can clearly see all your goals, how you're going to reach them and a time frame. All the most organised people own a planner. We may be biased but Girl Gotta Change planners have everything you need for a more organised life. Check them out in our products section.


Implementing a routine can be hard at first but once you get there your life will feel a breeze. Work out all the things you need to fit in your routine and how long they will take. That way you can scope out what times you need to wake up, what times things need to be done by and make a perfect routine for your day-to-day life. 

Give everything a place

Have a big clear out and re-arrange your belongings. By doing this not only will you feel more organised, you'll remember where you've put things, everything will have a place. Can you imagine how much time you will save in the morning by not having to spend forever trying to find your keys. I promise having a place for everything makes your life one million times easier. 

Label things

Labelling things is a perfect organisational hack. Labels just bring a a sense of organisation to everything and allows you to find items you need so much easier.

Set time in your calendar to do important things

Your calendar is an amazing tool, use it. It doesn't need to be saved to book in events coming up or peoples birthdays (although it is great to include those too.) Anything you need to do give it a designates time and slot it into you calendar. Make your you also add time for yourself into your calendar which leads me nicely into our last point...

Enjoy time for yourself

Feeling unorganised can be a harsh circle of feeling unorganised - feeling stressed- feeling overwhelmed - being unorganised. It is so necessary to de-stress so you can tackle or you life tasks. 

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