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How to stay on top of your Health and Fitness goals over the holidays

So It's that time of year where everything goes out the window. We're meeting up with friends and family. We have Christmas Do's and a few chocka-block days of festivities. Our Schedules are pretty busy and our health and fitness go to the bottom of our list of priorities. 

I first just want to say THATS OKAY! It's completely normal to over indulge at Christmas and It's such a fun period where you shouldn't have to worry about anything at all. If you want to eat 7 courses of your Nan's Christmas dinner DO IT. Want to go out 5 night in a row? Go for it! Want to skip the gym for a week? whats stopping you. It's so important to live, enjoy yourself over the festive period without any restrictions. 

However if you're a person that just feels completely rubbish after ignoring your goals and over indulging here are some tips to keep you on track over the festive period. 

Eat what you want but stop when you're full.

At Christmas time we are encouraged to eat and eat and eat until we feel sick. And for some this is easily do-able and something we love about Christmas however for others it can leave us feeling awful day-to-day. A great way to enjoy all the food at xmas without over indulging is being mindful when eating, if you're starting to feel full stop. There's no point finishing everything on your plate then going back for seconds if it's going to make you feel rubbish for the rest of the day. It's okay to stop once you feel full. 


So it can be much harder to get to the gym when we're so busy over the next few weeks, However, Christmas is a great time for family walks. There's that crisp cold air around with a bit of glistening sun shining through, all of your family are over for the holidays. Get them all together and get them outside. Going out on walks is a great way to stay active without the pressure of having to get to a gym and is also a great family activity meaning you're not missing out on the fun. 

Save your chocolate

It can be so tempting to eat that chocolate reindeer from the bottom of your stocking the moment you get it but again this can lead to over eating and leaving you feeling sick and sluggish. See if you can save some of the Xmas chocolate for a treat in the new year! As soon as it get to January we always wish we had some of that leftover Xmas chocolate so give yourself a treat and keep it to the side for your future self. 

Play active games

Games are absolutely vital over the Christmas period and bring the family together. Try switching out the Monopoly for a game that gets you moving around, I can recommend the Taskmaster game which most certainly gets you moving around the house while trying to complete interesting tasks. Anything that keeps you moving is a winner!

Those are some of our top tips of how to keep active and avoid over indulging at Christmas. But remember the main part of Christmas is to ENJOY YOURSELF in whichever way that may be. We hope you have the best time!

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