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How to cope with Anxiety (The Do's and Don'ts)

We currently live in a time where society has become much more understanding of anxiety which is amazing as over the years so many people have been told it's not real and to get over themselves which is such an awful way to think. It's amazing seeing Anxiety being spoken about much more openly nowadays and us that do have anxiety are being taken much more seriously. 

Now I'm going to start this post by saying everyones anxiety is different, we may have different triggers, different feelings and there is never going to be a one size fits all solution. Please never feel like your feelings are less invalid because your anxiety doesn't match those of someone else, Or that it doesn't exist because someone else doesn't get anxiety like you do. It's important to learn more about your own anxiety and what may trigger you and how to overcome those triggers. 

I'd also like to say I am not a medically trained professional however I am a girl that has dealt with anxiety since she can remember on a large scale and has picked up a few tips along the way. I hope these tips can help you too. 



This is one of my biggest tips to those with any form of anxiety. Caffeine severely affects your anxiety as it takes your serotonin levels super high then drops them very low, very quickly. You'll find once cutting out caffeine your anxiety will become much more manageable. If you're having a super anxious day just think to yourself what you've drank that day and more often than not you'll notice you've had some form of caffeine that has heightened your emotions, Even a can of coke contains caffeine. Give it a try for a couple of weeks and see if your anxiety decreases. 


Although we can feel like we have way too much going on in the day to exercise, making time to fit it in will dramatically help with anxiety, Although a big gym session maybe most pro-active even a daily walk can help lift those daily stresses and help improve anxiety.

Write Lists

Writing lists can be great for anxiety, It's a great way to visualise what to get done and remove any anxiety's about forgetting to do a task. Often we may get anxious about how much we need to get done and once it's written down and put into manageable timeframes it can seem super easy. Ensure to include things like self care and eating meals into your lists too as they're super important and often get overlooked. 

Try to eat healthy

Although sometimes it's so much easier to grab a quick meal deal or get a takeaway, unhealthy food can really affect your moods and anxiety. Try and meal prep for the week to avoid grabbing unhealthy snacks and meals along the way. Don't forget you're feeding your mind not just your body. 

Social media

Okay I'm not telling you to come off social media completely as it can be a great place but if you're going through a time where you're feeling super anxious, social media can become a massive trigger. I'd recommend on days like that to just delete the app from your phone/ home screen to avoid going on it. Instead occupy yourself with more relaxing things such as going for a quick walk or journalling. Anything to avoid comparisons or seeing things that may trigger you. You can even give your friends a heads up beforehand so they're not worrying where you are. 

Don't overcommit

Sometimes we overcommit to things to make other people happy and it can leave us feeling overwhelmed with a lot on our plates. Before you agree to do something think about what else you may have to do around that timeframe. You can always tell that person you'll get back to them. No-one will judge you for it. 


Those were some of my best tips with helping ease the burden of anxiety but I have plenty more so please let us know if this helped you and I'd love to share some more tips. 

If your Anxiety is becoming too overwhelming please contact your doctors and seek professional help, there's lots of things they can do to help.

Alternatively please follow this link to other resources - Mind


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