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How to combat exam stress and stay productive

So we're coming up to exam season and we know how stressful things can get and how that stress can effect our productivity. Just know you're not alone and your mental health comes before anything. Don't try and burn yourself out, All you can do is your best. Here are some of our top tips to combat exam stress. 


Create a plan

This is KEY in keeping up productivity. Work out what needs doing and how you're going to do it. We may be biased but our Go Get Your Best Life Planners have everything you need to set up a perfect plan with everything from brain dumps, grade trackers, exam season spreads and so much more and they're all undated so you wont waste any pages if you miss a day. Head to GirlGottaChange to get yours.

Take Breaks

Your time off is just as important as your time on. Take regular breaks throughout the day to do whatever you want to do to unwind, whether it's watching your favourite Netflix show or reading a book. Also take full day breaks at least once a week. Working 24/7 is only going to lead to burnout, spend a day out of the house/library and take some time for you. Although it may seem counter-productive at the time it will be sure to increase your productivity levels after a break. 

See Friends

Don't isolate yourself, you can feel as if you have to lock yourself away in a room for 3 months to just focus on exams but it's just not the case. It's so important to meet up with friends and see new faces for your own sanity. Chances are they'll be feeling the same way too and just need to get out of the house for a chat. 


Schedule your time, Work out what exactly you're going to do with your time, include what subject you're going to be working on, what area in that subject and how exactly you're going to revise, mind maps, revision cards reading? This is a vital way to stay productive and saves so much time from deciding how exactly you're going to revise when you go to do it and prevents day dreaming and distractions. 

Stay Tidy

Tidy space - tidy mind. There's nothing worse than trying to concentrate when theres clutter everywhere. It can leave your brain feeling just as cluttered. Make sure the space you're working in is clutter free and spacious before you start working. If you're not able to do this in your own home try a library either at your school or a local public one, It can be great to get a change of scenery too.


Make sure you're prepared with all the snacks you need before starting revision, whatever helps your mind work. Stress around exam times can take your appetite away but it's so important to eat to keep your brain functioning properly. Eat regular meals throughout the day and don't forget to drink lots of water too! 


Getting in a panic about exams can lead you to want to revise until the early hours of the morning and leaves you with only a couple of hours sleep per night. Please don't do this. Sleep is so important to allow all the information you've been thinking about to really sink into your brain. Not only that but having a good nights sleep will keep you alert for your exams. 

Whatever the outcome may be just know YOU CAN DO IT you've got everything you can in you to get the best grades possible. just do your best and know we're here supporting you all the way. 

From everyone here at Girl Gotta Change, you're gonna smash it 


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