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How to Actually Achieve Your Goals in 2021


Hi guys! Welcome to the Girl Gotta Change! It's Alicia here with our first ever blog post - how exciting 😃

In this blog I will be talking about all things planning, self-development and productivity 📔 

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Now, let's talk about how you can actually achieve your goals in 2021!


It's all well and good setting and planning goals for the New Year, but how can you actually implement them and stick to them during the year?

So, I am actually using my Design Your Best Life planner! In it, every month has a 'My Goals' section - As you can see, I structured the goals into 4 sections: Career, Personal, Financial and Health. So, obviously as it's the beginning of 2021, lots of people have made New Years goals 🌟 

Personally, I didn't write my mine out in my planner, I wrote them in my journal (which I'm going to talk about later) and broke them down month by month so that when I was planning for January. I actually did this on a livestream in my Facebook group - if you have a planner obsession and would like to join my group for a safe space to share ideas, spreads, advice and ask questions, then click here to join the community!

When setting your goals, I think it's really important to categorise them so you can look at them and actually visualise which part of your life that your goals relate to. From there, you can really make your own plan of action 🥊 

Sectioning your goals:

So... instead of just writing a list of all your goals (which I've done in the past - I feel like I just look at them 6 months after and think 'oh. I never even started that'), look at your goals and categorise them into those 4 sections which will make it much easier to stay focussed and stay on track!

I'll give you an example - My bigger business goals for 2021 are to hit a certain revenue figure and launch certain new products. Now, if I just write those down as a list, when am I going to start them? When am I going to actually do them? This is why it's much better to actually break them down and know month by month what you're going to do and how you're going to work on your goals 📔

For example, in January I had a big restock coming which was a big step in my business and I sold pre-orders to hit a certain order number every month. That's a small step into a big goal, which is growing my business! 😀

It took a bit of work to categorise and sub-categorise my goals, but in doing so it helped engrave them in my mind, and I was thinking about achieving them subconsciously. This is one of the key things when hitting your goals, to just put them in your mind as much as you can.

Let's move on to one of my main personal goals - to have a more structured work day. I put this goal down in January and will probably put it down every month - as I work for myself and I work from home (like a lot of people at the moment) it's harder to have a structured work day as there's a lot going on. This keeps me accountable and on top of things!

Vision Boards:

The second tip is to create a vision board! I didn't create a vision board last year, and that's something that I was thinking about wanting to do this year. The plain answer is that I'm just lazy! So this year I made sure I made one and I printed it out - I stuck one to my noticeboard above my desk and stuck one onto my journal that I see and use multiple times a day ✍🏼

By doing so, it keeps me focused and on track whilst always letting me see the bigger picture:

- What I'm working for
- Why I'm working all the time

For example, it has a house on it that I really want to buy next year, certain Instagram follower targets, certain salary targets, where I want to grow personally in my spirituality. It's just something I can look at to see the bigger picture, which motivates me every single day 🤍

For some people it may take more than a vision board. You can set a wallpaper on your devices to something that you really want to motivate you to work hard to get it. It may take something that's not visual - you could write a letter to yourself and date it the day that you want to accomplish that certain thing!

I see goals as things to get to the bigger picture, to get to the dream life, the thing that you want. Being able to actually visually see what that accomplished goal would look like is a really good way to keep yourself on track 👣


You can also go via the route of scripting/manifestation/visualisation/law of attraction. I only really started scripting a few months ago - and I'm not even joking, the time I started scripting was the time that my business reached all of it's financial and number goals that I wanted it to that I have been wanting for the past year! 🥳

I was daunted and put off by scripting for a long time, people talked about it and spirituality gurus always spoke about it. I kinda just didn't know what to write or where to start. I was so put off by it and didn't start it because I was scared that I would do it wrong and it would hinder me. But, I just did it how I intuitively felt like I should do it and it has worked for me!

Every single morning after I wake up, I'll make a cup of tea and get my journal. I section my journal into how I feel, gratitude and scripting. At the end of entry I write 'let it go' at the end - which is so important. Live in the present, and everything that you want will come!


I also like to stay motivated by thinking about how I will feel when I finally reach the goals that I have made. I want to embody those emotions that I think I will feel, and base them off past emotions I have felt when I've hit other goals, which is a big key to motivation 🥊 

If you don't have previous examples of hitting other goals, think about how badly you want it and think about how good you'll feel when you actually get it! Keep reminding yourself of that feeling, write that feeling down, and that will help you stay on track and stay motivated!

Checking in with yourself:

So, now let's talk about how you'll feel when you don't achieve those goals. One thing I think that's really important is that we set all these goals for ourselves (sometimes we don't even want to, we just feel like we have to), sometimes we might be setting goals that aren't even for us, that won't even really make us happy. Check in once in a while and ask yourself - 'Now that I don't have that goal that I want, how do I feel?' 🤔

Do you feel okay about it, do you feel like you're not really bothered, or do you feel like you're not successful enough, like you haven't accomplished enough? If you're leaning towards the argument that you're not too bothered, then I don't think you're going to stay motivated to actually follow through and achieve that goal. 

It's not always black & white - sometimes we think we want something when in reality, we don't (it's happened to me a good few times!). This takes a lot of listening to your gut, listening to your intuition and tuning out your ego. Listen to what YOU want and you'll get a lot of answers to see if that goal is right with you and if it aligns with you 💫


Why? I think it's important to ask yourself why. Why are you doing this? Why do you want this goal? Keep asking yourself why until you can't ask yourself why anymore. That's what I do in my Philosophy essays!

To Conclude!

So, there we have it - my 6 tips on how to stay motivated and achieve your goals in 2021! I hope you enjoyed and can take something from this article 😀
If you have any questions or suggestions about this blog or future blog posts, DM me on Instagram @girlgottachange - thanks so much! 
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