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A little message to say...

I wanted to share a little message I want a lot of people to hear.

The day is coming up I know so many people dread February 14th. 

For so many this day holds some sadness that they haven't found there perfect partner yet or maybe they've lost someone they love. There's one million reasons why someone may dread this day and you're not alone. 

We just wanted to spread this message today, the only persons love you should worry about is your own. Self love is one million times more important than receiving love from anybody else. Be your own biggest supporter. 

Once you truly have complete unconditional love for yourself everything will change. You won't be bothered by unnecessary things anymore and you will begin to put yourself above everything else which is so important. You are also much more likely to attract what you currently want in life once you have complete love for yourself. 

Valentines day also doesn't have to symbolise love for a romantic partner, think about the love all around you whether that may be from friends, family members pets, celebrate all types of love. It also doesn't have to come in the form of gifts, Love isn't symbolised by material possessions. However if you do want a gift on the day TREAT YOUR DAMN SELF you deserve it buy and do whatever you love and celebrate you. 

Please Please Please don't be sad on February 14th, you are loved by so many, stand up, be the bad bi**h we know you are. We support you and we love you, never forget that. 

Yours sincerely, 

A girl trying to love herself x  

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