9 things organised people do differently

9 things organised people do differently

Make Lists 


Lists are such a key part of staying organised and you can bet all those super organised people in your life you envy have a list for everything. Lists are so great for keeping track of what needs doing and what has been done so you never miss a deadline again. Lists can consist of anything; what needs doing at work, what you need from the shop, what needs doing to your house. Whatever you need to remember can go on a list. Whether they walk round with a notebook full of lists or have it all organised in their phone you can guarantee an organised person is always carrying a list.


Keep tidy 


You can guarantee organised people are keeping everything tidy. Anything they use is being put away afterwards. You won’t see them working or living in a messy environment. A tidy space is a tidy mind. 


Set alarms 


Organised people have alarms for everything, doing a 5 minute tidy up? They’ve got an alarm set so they don’t get distracted. Know they’ve got to move on to their next task, alarm set.

Setting alarms not only lets you know when you need to do something, it keeps you accountable so you know you have to have your task done by a certain time and you know you can’t get distracted. Give it a try and you may become a little more organised. 


Think ahead 


Best believe organised people are always thinking ahead. They're always thinking about what’s coming next so they can prepare in advance. 


Plan out time for themselves 


Planning out time for yourself is vital for staying organised. Doing 101 things a day and missing time for yourself can lead to burnout and stop you from being productive in everyday life. That’s why it’s super important to plan out some things to do just for you or some time to just do nothing. 


Make sure everything has a place  


Having a place for everything will always keep you super organised. Organised people are rarely running around wondering where they’ve put something as  everything always has a place. Imagine never having to turn the house upside down every time you need something important you threw in a draw randomly 2 years ago 😂.


Ask questions 


Organised people are always asking questions to make sure they’re in the know. They aren’t waiting to be told they need to do something 5 minutes before it’s due they are making sure everything is clear and nothing is being missed. They are not scared to ask people for updates on things and they are always in the know. 


Have a routine 


There’s hardly any organised people that don’t have a day to day routine. They get up at the same time every day and know exactly what time they're eating their breakfast to exactly what time they’re setting off to work. Implementing a routine in your life has so many benefits from becoming more productive to feeling less fatigued. If you’re having trouble with any of these things try implementing a routine in your life. 


Use a diary 


A diary is perfect for organisation. Organised people always not what’s coming up on their calendar, what they need to fit into a day and what their plans are going to be. You’ll never see them forgetting an event. We may be biased but our Design Your Best Life planner has the perfect undated diary pages to keep you organised no matter where you are! Give them a try and see if you become an organised person too.

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