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6 Ways to increase your fitness without even trying

Summer is fast approaching and the whole world seems to be pressuring us to have that summer ready body which is totally not necessary. It is great however to increase your fitness to make you feel much better in yourself and improve your health at the same time. 

All the talk of HIT workouts and 5 mile runs can be super off-putting and pressurising if your a fitness newbie so here's some ways to increase your fitness without even really trying! 

Making plans with your friends? Maybe suggest going on a walk somewhere nice instead of a takeaway night, You'll still have so much fun and get to see new places all while doing exercise without realising! Even going shopping can add in a few extra steps for the day, give it a go and see how much better you feel the next day! 


Got some errands to run? It's so easy to just hop in your car or on public transport to head to the local shop. Try walking instead, It may take a bit longer but over time you will see your fitness improve! (not forgetting the money you'll save on petrol and bus tickets over the month.) 


Are you sat down the majority of the day cos you work an office job? Try standing at work (if your workplace allows you to) You automatically end up moving around more when you're not slumped in a chair. Standing desks are also great if you have to constantly type on a laptop.


Cooking tea? 'Alexa play a feel good tune volume 10' Stick on some music and have a dance while you're doing it. It might sound stupid in your head but you'll honestly end up having a great time all while burning some extra calories.


Try parking your car a bit further away than usual when heading somewhere or get off a bus stop or two early, those extra few steps per day will really make a difference in the long run.


Do you always opt for the escalator or lift when out of the house? Make a vow to yourself to always take the stairs instead, It will make a huge difference in the long run if you make that one small change in your life. 

Try making some of these small changes and watch your fitness develop!

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