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5 Ways to start manifesting your best life TONIGHT!

Often people give up on manifesting before they even begin thinking you have to go to huge lengths just to manifest, That you have to read the whole of the secret over and over before you can start making changes in your life and it's just simply not the case. Here are a few ways you can start manifesting Tonight!

A letter from the future

The idea is you imagine you're a year into the future and everything you wanted has come true you write a letter to yourself telling yourself exactly what happened. No matter how big or small your dreams are write them down. Another way to do this is to write it to the universe thanking it for bringing all these blessings to you. 

Letter writing can be even more powerful when done during a full moon. Write the letter and leave it in the moonlight over night. 

Here's an anonymous letter from the future. 

WHAT A YEAR IT'S BEEN, I've had so much growth and I've never been as happy in my life. I finally hit a huge promotion at work and I'm earning more than I ever imagined, doing something I absolutely love. I am so grateful to be in this position and my confidence is soaring. I finally moved out of my family home and moved into a flat in the city, It's decorated exactly how I want it and has an incredible view. I have also met so many new friends in the city and my social life is absolutely thriving, I feel like I belong.

My Family are all happy and healthy and I make them proud every day. I can also afford to help them out whenever they need it.

I have never felt so fit and healthy in my life and I have been completely consistent with the gym and enjoy it so much, along with how much my cooking has come along meaning I'm cooking super healthy meals every day. 

I'm so happy with how the last year turned out and I'm so grateful to the universe for bringing it to me.'

The 369 Method

This method has become very popular through tik tok. 

The concept is super straight-forward and consists of first knowing exactly what you want and writing it down on paper: 

3 times every morning 

6 times every afternoon 

9 times every evening.

Give it a go and see if it works for you. 

Create a vision board

A vision board is a great way to really visualise what you want and attract it into your life. You can put anything on your vision boards, Dream jobs, dream cars a house a location you can even write things you want such as 10K followers on your business instagram. Whatever you want, put it on your vision board. It's great to put your vision board in a place you can see it every day, The inside of your wardrobe, on your door, wherever you're going to think about your goals daily. 

The 60 Second rule

This method is super easy. Every day, close your eyes and spend 60 seconds thinking about what you want your future to look like. Block out anything else from the outside world and really visualise what you want. Imagine yourself living that life. This should be done at least once every day.


Affirmations should be repeated over and over out loud to bring you exactly what you want. They are phrases such as 

“I believe the Universe is working alongside me to achieve what I’m manifesting”

“I’m working whole-heartedly towards achieving the goals I’m manifesting”. 

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