5 Ways to make yourself motivated to work out.

5 Ways to make yourself motivated to work out.

So we know fitness and working out makes us feel AMAZING afterwards, but for some reason sitting on the sofa watching TV just seems so much more convenient at the time. We've been on the lookout for some easy ways to motivate yourself to get up and do that workout! 


Create the perfect work out environment                                                               (or as close to that as you can) 

There's nothing worse than psyching yourself up for a workout and trying to get those burpees done in a tiny space where you can barely move. Try and create a dedicated work out area somewhere in your house, we're not the Kardashians so it's unlikely we're going to have a full gym set up in our garage but even just having a nice clear corner somewhere where you can easily put a yoga mat out will for sure make it that tinier bit easier to want to work out. 


Make a reward chart

Track your progress somewhere you can see it, you'll want to make sure you fill it in and don't leave any gaps which will for sure motivate you to keep going. Theres still that child in us that loves getting a gold star for doing something good. 



Keep a journal of how you feel after your workouts, it always makes us feel so great so maybe reading that will keep you on track. Just thinking about those endorphins is bound to get you in the mood to workout. 


Track your progress

Keep a log of how great you're doing, Our Live Your Best Life planner has everything you need to track your health and fitness and filling it out each day will be sure to keep you motivated. Are you really going to but a huge scribble in your planner where you planned a workout and didn't go? If your a planner girl we KNOW you won't.

Make it a habit

We know creating a habit is the only way to stay on track which means 66 days of constant behaviour. You may just have to set a time in your day and force yourself to workout during those times. Once you have that plan in. place it's just a matter of repeating that behaviour until it becomes a habit. With all those endorphins floating round your body after 66 days you're going to end up buzzing to get that workout in every day. 





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