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5 Things you should do everyday for your health

We're constantly told different ways to lose weight, gain weight gain muscle and to change our appearance but how often are we told what to do just to care for our health. Without getting in depth about what we should do for certain health types, here's some ways you can look after your health as an all rounder. 


We promise following these steps will leave you with more energy, power and less anxiety. 



How often do you reach the end of the day and realise you've only had one cup of water and a small latte throughout the day. Water is vital for your health and flushing out any toxins in your body. 60% of your body is made up of water and if you're only filling it up with a few ml's of water a day, It's going to be lacking it's most essential part. 

A tip of how to drink more water is think about what you're drinking out of, Sometimes just having a glass on the side leaves you just having a sip now and again whereas a large bottle with your daily water intake may be easier to drink and keep on track of. Try a few different utensils and see which works for you, A bottle, a cup with a straw give them a go and see if you can drink more. On average we should be drinking around 3L of water a day. 


Move your body

this can literally be moving your body in anyway! It doesn't have to be a 3 hour gym session (or if it is even better) Even just getting out for a quick walk each day will do the world of good for your physical and mental health. Many of us have jobs where we have to sit in front of a screen all day and w barely get 1000 steps in. This can lead to lack of energy, muscle problems and struggles with our mental health so if this is you make a conscious effort to move your body a little bit more everyday. If you struggle to find the motivation get a friend involved or try and go first thing so it's over and done with and will leave you with energy for the day. 


Eat your fruit and veg

Okay se we've been being told since primary school to eat our 5 a day but how many of us as adults do that? Sometimes it seems like such a faf to do that extra bit of cooking to prepare veg for tea and it can get left out but your body needs the vitamins as fuel. Set yourself a challenge of counting how much fruit and veg you eat a day.


Eating the right amount

Sometimes we just simply get too busy to eat and we end up skipping vital meals we need to fuel our bodies throughout the day and it can seriously deteriorate our health. Some people may also think skipping meals may help us lose those extra few pounds which is completely false. Skipping meals can actually effect our metabolisms and cause us to gain weight. It's super important to have a balanced diet. 


Get outside

This is super important for mental health. It can be so easy to stay cooped up in our houses all day, especially if you WFH, But it's so important to get outside and see the daylight. Vitamin D is such an important nutrient for out mental health and the effects can be amazing. Make sure you're taking some in everyday (and in the darker months it may be a good idea to add it in as a supplement as we naturally see less daylight. 

The fresh air is also great for our health and will leave you feeling much more energised and wake, not to mention the benefits it has on sleeping at night. 



There is so many other factors we need to focus on daily for our health but we felt these were some of the biggest that get neglected day to day. 


Stay healthy x 

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